Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Naengmyun in Koreatown?

There I said it.

The search is over. 
I think I may have found the best naengmyun in LA.
I'm a self-professed naengmyun freak.  I will travel long distances and pay good money....  Just give me a delicious bowl of naengmyun and I will dance on tables.
Their big signs and pictures of the $9.99 naengmyun & kalbi specials have caught my eye, especially those times I came to shop at Zion Market next door. 
But nope, I never gave them a chance.

Until just recently!

The naengmyun here is fantabulouslyf*ckinpureawesomenessgoingon...
The broth is spot on:  light, flavorful, slightly tangy & sweet..
Noodles are thin, chewy...  just perfect.
And they give you a HUGE bowl. 

To top it off, the LA galbi is also very good. 
It's a little bit on the fatty side, but the flavor is just right. 
I would say it's about 3 strips of meat.  
Nicely grilled. 

This combination is perfect...  All for a bargain basement price of $9.99.. 
Can we all say YAY?

And as an added bonus, I think the kimchi here is near perfection. 
It will appeal to the masses..  They don't include it for the combination but will happily serve it if you ask for it.

The restaurant itself is nice, upscale, and modern.
And they give you about 3 delicious banchans with your  combo.

I am complete now.
Thank you cousin for inviting me to lunch =)

3435 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90010

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Semi Mounts 101

I go through semi mounts like I go through cars.  Basically, I've changed mine at least a couple times in the past few years.  Buyers remorse...  new trends...  But thank god my husband doesn't mind (well, I am a gemologist after all!) as long as I keep my center diamond..

So what is a semi mount, you ask??  Well, it's basically a ring set with surrounding diamonds (or some other precious/semi-precious stone), but the center stone is empty...  Almost all jewelry stores carry them and all you have to do is pick a style you love and have your center stone set.. 

My remorse for my existing setting is that my beautiful center stone is a cushion cut, which is basically a rounded corner square cut...  Kinda like a pillow, soft and aesthetically beautiful.  But, it was set in a square semi-mount so it looked like a princess cut (which too are beautiful cuts by the way!).

See what I mean?  Well so my cousin and I decided to change our semi-mount settings.  The trend these days is rose gold which yes, is pinkish in color and and just evokes romanticism...  So, this is the semi-mount that I chose.

It looks blah and so hard to imagine how the finished product will look.  You need to work with a good jeweler who can make sure that your existing stone will fit the setting.  A bad jeweler will make the impossible work temporarilyl, but the problems  will occur later.  i.e., loose diamond, weak prongs..  So please be careful!!

Makes me smile!

My cousin's new rose mounting for her princess cut..  STUNNING!!
Classy..  Romantic.. Absolutely Byu Tee Full!!!

Same diamond, different semi-mount = Two happy ladies...  Now my cushion looks pillowy soft =)  My cousin is just as happy.  We are clicking our heels =))

So here are my tips:

1.  Work with a reputable jeweler
2.  Make sure you check your diamond after the work is done to make sure it's the same diamond and hasn't been chipped in the process..  That's why most diamonds have certificates, people!
3.  Make sure Step you do step 2!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day BBQ party!

The worst thing to happen at a party is to run out of food...  Especially if it's a party that I am throwing.  (Imagine the horror!)  So we hosted a bbq/pasta party to celebrate the final stretch of what left in Summer 2012 and the exact opposite happened.  I cooked way too much food for a group of 25..  I could have fed 50!  Good news is that almost everyone took home leftovers....

Veggie sticks
Ranch and Korean Chojang

Quinoa Salad
red pepper, arugula, cucumber, avocado, corn, & red onion

Toasted Pinenut Pesto Spaghetti
This is ALWAYS a hit!

Linguine with pancetta, sweet corn, roasted tomatoes, and mushroom
Gorgonzola & marscapone cheese in a white wine reduction

The sweet fruits of summer 2012
You will be missed!!

Also on the menu were salame & cheese platters, fried dumplings, pork fried rice, marinated flank steaks, hot links, italian sausages, and the best grilled chicken ever!!
(made by a friend!)

Good times, good food, good friends, good weather, lots of food and lots of leftovers.
And of course, lots of fine wine and cold beer.

Picture perfecto!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pssst.. How to keep your jewels clean!

I am a gemologist.  Through the years of appraising in NYC and LA, I've been one lucky gal to see some amazing jewelry.  It's a beautiful thing when jewels sparkle and dazzle under amazing lights.  Breathtaking to say the least!

So to all the people out there with fine jewelry pieces, KEEP YOUR JEWELRY CLEAN!!
Dirty jewelry (especially rings) are my big pet peeeeeeves!
Clean jewelry just makes you feel good.
So no excuses, here's my easy home method of cleaning your jewels.
This will work for platinum, gold, and diamonds.  No color stones, pearls, or silver..

What you will need:
1.  Your dirty jewelry
2.  A small pot
3.  Dishwashing liquid
4.  Toothbrush
5.  Blowdryer.

Ok, so we start by pouring about a cup of water into the pot.  Throw in your jewelry and add about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.  Boil for about 5 minutes.  You will hear the clinking of your jewelry as the water boils.  All good..  It's loosening the dirty residue.

Allow it to cool and then grab your toothbrush and start brushing every nook and cranny.

Rinse in Cold water and then grab your blowdryer.  Set to the highest and hottest setting and then hold your ring or jewelry right to the nozzle.  Make sure your fingers are out of the way...  Ready..  Set...  Blow!!!

So what you are left with is professionally cleaned jewelry that will sparkle indoors, outdoors, and maybe in the dark. 
Yes, it's that easy!

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Hello Blogger World!
I've been lurking in the background quietly but diligently finding delight in other's posts.
I knew I had some useful tidbits to share as well... 
So I thought someday hmmmmm...
Well that someday has finally arrived!
Here I start with my blogging babysteps.....